About Me

The Girls

Hi! I'm Jamie. Since you've happened to click on the "about me" page, I'll tell you a little about myself! I've been married to my husband Kyle for 3 years. We have two daughters.  I used to work part time as an OB nurse at a local hospital but now I stay home with our babies. I'm a follower of Christ and enjoy sharing my faith with others. We attend an awesome church in town called Trinity Baptist and we absolutely love it. If you're in the area and are searching for a church to belong to, check them out by clicking here. I've lived in Walla Walla, Washington (maybe you've heard of it?) all of my 28 years of living and I can't imagine calling another place home. My husband and his parents own a Real Estate company here in Walla Walla so if you're also wanting to enjoy living in this incredible town, you can check out their website!

I started this blog to share my projects with the world, in hope that it would serve as a good resource for others. My passion for flipping furniture with chalk paint has lead to other creative avenues. I've recently discovered how much I enjoy learning about home decor, staging and building my own decor and furniture. We just flipped our first house (read about it here) and plan to flip more in the future! I love having a place to share snippets of my daily life with all of you!

 Thank you for being here! Blogging wouldn't be nearly as fun if I didn't have a fun audience to interact with. I love reading all of your sweet comments and hearing about your own ideas and interests!

Happy flipping everyone!