Aubusson Blue Jewelry Stand and Provence Bookcase


Aubusson Blue Jewelry Stand

My client projects have officially come to an end! My goal was to be finished by 38 weeks just incase the new baby decided to arrive a little early. I ended with some really fun projects! A friend of mine brought me this jewelry stand to refinish. It’s the first time I have ever forgotten to snap a “before” picture-darn it! I’ll try to paint you a clear picture of what she looked like before. The hardware is the same but the entire body had that dated oak finish. We decided to go with one of my favorite combinations-Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint with a Dark Wax finish and slightly distressed. I love how it turned out! I was also thankful for the overcast day because it was the perfect lighting outside to snap a couple pictures and really capture the beauty in the color. In some areas it almost has this ombre look to it.

I should probably give you a little update on my furniture tutorials since there hasn’t been a new one in a while! I used to just document and post every tutorial for every piece of furniture I refinished whether the project was identical to another tutorial or not. Creating each tutorial takes a LOT of time, time that I won’t have when the new baby arrives so instead, I’ll only post a detailed tutorial on any project that’s different than the projects I have done in the past. However, I’ll always post pictures of the new projects I finish but if I’ve already done a tutorial with the same steps, I’ll just refer you to that project and you can follow the same steps. For example, the steps to refinish this jewelry stand are the same  steps used in this tutorial. Paint it/clear wax/dark wax and distress if you wish. Pretty simple. If anyone has questions, please email me or leave a comment!

If I use a technique I haven’t discussed before, then I will definitely do a detailed tutorial on it! I have some fun new projects up my sleeve so stay tuned! I really don’t know what to expect after this new baby comes, how tired I’ll be or how crazy our household will be but I hope to jump back into a routine eventually and start working on more projects to share with you! In the meantime, here are the two latest furniture projects! 




chalk paint



Provence Bookcase

I picked up this bookcase for $15 at a yardsale. I LOVE old and dated bookcases. Add some paint and replace the backing and it looks completely different! There’s so many options when it comes to replacing the back of a bookcase/hutch, etc. My personal favorites are wainscoting or wood planks of some kind. I held up both options to the back of this bookcase and decided the wainscoting looked best! If you would like to know the steps on how to replace the backing, you can find them in this tutorial. For this bookcase we went with Annie Sloan’s Provence on the bookcase and Paris Grey over the wainscoting. 







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