Baby Gear Must-Haves


My Baby Gear Must-Haves



When I was little and my mom would take me shopping I would make a mad dash to the baby section every time. I never wanted the fisher price car seat. Plastic doll toys were not good enough for this baby freak. I wanted the REAL thing that REAL babies used.  So it’s no surprise that even before I was pregnant with Clara I was always searching for the latest and greatest baby gear. There’s just something fun about shopping for baby products! I stumbled upon some of the greatest baby products through reading other blogs so I thought I would post my favorite Baby Gear Must-Haves here on my blog and hopefully it will help answer some questions other expecting mom’s have when it comes to shopping for products! Let’s break it down.


  1. UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller – For those who know me, this comes as no surprise that the Uppababy Vista topped my list at #1! I can’t say enough about this stroller. It’s definitely an investment but it’s worth every penny. The Vista has the capability of turning into a double stroller with the purchase of the Rumble Seat . If that’s not cool enough, you can also buy the Piggyback Ride Along Board and carry a third child with you! The stroller comes with the toddler seat and the bassinet. We used the bassinet by our bedside at night and brought it out into our living area during the day. It was nice to be able to click the bassinet onto the stroller frame without having to wake my baby and buckle her into her car seat and then transfer the car seat onto the stroller, etc. Just click the bassinet on and you’re ready to go! When she got older we started using the toddler seat which is also very handy. Position it forward facing or rear facing! It also has multiple recline levels which makes it very comfy for naps. The uppababy has a HUGE basket which might not sound like a big deal but it is, trust me. I never used a grocery cart when she was little. I could fit all my groceries in the basket-so convenient! I plan on doing a post completely dedicated to the Uppababy Vista once our second child comes this summer but until then, check out this video for more perks about the Uppbaby Vista. Please note that I’m not connected in any way with Uppababy and I am not being compensated for this post….but I should be! Uppababy, are you reading this? Call me!
  2. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat– The easiest infant car seat you will ever install! One thing I didn’t mention in the about me page is that I’m also a car seat technician. There’s no need for shoving your hand down in the base and using your other hand to pull as hard as you can to tighten the lower anchor tether. If you want to use the lower anchors for installation you simply click the lower anchor buckles into the lower anchors of the vehicle and push down with both hands on the frame of the car seat base until the red indicator turns green and that’s it! Watch this video to see just how easy this installation is! The Mesa is a lot more compact than other car seats and that was a huge pro on my list. Car Seats are heavy and bulky especially when your hauling around a 15lb baby inside. I love the compact, sleek design of the Mesa. The fabric is easily removable and washable. The best feature? The Uppababy Mesa has NO recalls on any versions on their car seats.
  3. Levana Ovia Baby Monitor- I researched A LOT when it came to baby monitors. I wanted one that would last through all of our children, not break down after the first year. I can say that so far, this monitor has been awesome! We have been using it for over 15 months now and it’s going strong. We’ve dropped it, broken the antenna and it still works like a charm! I love the pan/tilt/zoom feature on the Ovia. If she wakes up crying I can use this feature to scan the floor around her crib to see if she lost her pacifier (which is the case 98% of the time). There’s also a a two-way communication button so you can talk to your child or your husband who’s crawling around in the dark searching for the missing pacifier. The Levana Ovia comes with an SCD card so you can also snap pictures and take video. You have the option of playing 3 different lullabies (which we still use). My favorite thing about the monitor is the signal strength.  My in-laws live next door and sometimes we will go over at night for a glass of wine or BBQ and if she’s sleeping we just take the monitor with us and it always has a perfect signal even with a broken antenna that I glued back on! With our second child coming sooner than we expected, we will now need two cameras. All we have to do is purchase another Levana Ovia camera and it will automatically sync with our monitor so we can keep an eye on both babies at the same time- so convenient! 
  4. Leachco Podster – I didn’t purchase one of these until after I saw my friend use one for her baby. I loved this thing! I used this podster way more than my Mamaroo or Rockaroo. I used it when I was making dinner, I put it on my bed when I folded laundry, I used this thing ALL day long. It is so easily transportable, you can take it anywhere!
  5. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair – Highchairs can easily become one of the grossest baby products. They get nasty! I wanted something that I could easily clean and this led me to the Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair. Almost every thing is washable. I throw the tray, the tray cover, the cushion and the buckle straps into the dishwasher. I use a clorox wipe to wipe down everything else. The Boon Flair Highchair has a pneumatic lift  to adjust it to all different heights. When the child is older, you can remove the tray and slide them right up to the table. I also love that the inserts come in so many different colors! You can purchase them separately at little cost should you want to change colors or just need a replacement. The high chair is on wheels so you can easily slide it across the floor and lock it into place. One thing that is unfortunate about the Boon Flair Highchair is it is heavy. This makes transportation inconvenient, possible, but inconvenient.
  6. Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag– I originally purchased a diaper bag from pottery barn. It was gray cloth with a brown leather bottom. Super cute but impossible to clean! I ended up buying this Skip Hop diaper bag after I had a patient who had one. It’s trendy and cute but my favorite feature is you can just wipe it down when it gets dirty. You can stuff as much as you need or as little as you need in this diaper bag.
  7. Angelcare Bath Support– Baby gear tends to take over your entire house it seems. I tried to “slim down” the gear whenever possible. I loved that this bathtub was a lot smaller but served the same purpose as any other bathtub. It was easy t0 stall under our bathroom sink and small enough to use in our kitchen sink. The mildew resistent mesh material is so soft and easily drains water. At about $25 off amazon with free two-day shipping and returns (with prime members) this bathtub is a great deal!


I hope this has helped those of you who are shopping around for the best baby gear! If you have any questions at all about any of these products, leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them! Thanks for reading!



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