Bathroom Reveal

I’m so glad to finally share our bathroom reveal with all of you! We started this project back in June and anticipated it being finished a long time ago. But as it goes with construction, things always take longer than you planned. We are still deep into the remodel of our house , but it’s definitely fun to be finished with one huge project! We have lived in our fixer upper for almost 4 years now and only used our one renovated bathroom between all 4 of us. It’s a small bathroom, located on the main level of the house. Only having one bathroom was inconvenient for a lot of reasons, but mostly when we had guests staying with us and we all had to share the bathroom. I love that are guests have their own bathroom now! To refresh your memory, here’s a picture of what this beauty looked like when we moved in…

Lots of pink and blue! And if you look closely, you can get a glimpse of that lovely faux brick linoleum flooring. I forgot to take a picture of the bathtub but judging by this picture, I’m sure you can use your imagination! It was an ancient fiberglass tub/shower combo that probably had not been replaced or refinished since the 1950’s. Everything had to go! The only thing we kept was the vanity. Our contractor sanded it all down and rebuilt the drawers and cabinet doors. Everything is soft close, and flawless just as if we paid the big bucks for a custom vanity. Check out the “AFTER” photo below!


What a difference!  My favorite thing about the bathroom is how bright it is. We only have a small window for natural light, so I kept the walls white, the floors white, and the countertops and shower white.

I bought these brackets and made some floating shelves. Before decorating the bathroom, it felt really cold with all that white. I made sure to add some natural elements to make it feel a little more warm and cozy. I used both faux and real greenery to add some color. The wooden shelves and black metal brackets added some texture to those white walls. Whenever I’m decorating an empty shelf, I try to create a focal point. In this case, the focal point ends up being the naked lady…err, I mean “framed artwork.” the black and white frame give some contrast but also ties in with the black L¬† brackets. I’m going to leave you links to these products but first, let’s talk about that naked lady artwork. Etsy is my favorite place to shop for art. This picture was about $6 and came through in a file format so that I could manipulate it to any size I want. It cost me $0.17 to print this picture off at Staples! Pop it into any frame you want and now you have a beautiful piece of artwork for under $10! WIN! You can also choose to print photos off as “blue prints or engineering prints” if you want a larger scale photo. Next time you’re on the hunt for some artwork, check out Etsy! Also, stay tuned for a blog post featuring lots of different art that you can purchase through Etsy in a file format!

Now for the links…

Artwork, black and white frame

White pitcher, small white vase

Marble candle

Clay pot

Black shelf brackets

Faux Greenery from Hobby Lobby

plastic containers


Vanity Octogon knobs

Vanity Mirror

Blue Art-unavailable online at Target

Towel Basket- Home Goods

Wall Color- Classic White by Sherwin Williams

Vanity Color- Gauntlet by Sherwin Williams



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