Capsule Update

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It’s been over 4 months since I’ve started my capsule wardrobe and I’m here to give you an update! If you missed the post about why I got rid of (almost) every piece of clothing I own, you can check it out by clicking HERE!

First and foremost…..BEST decision I have ever made. I’ve never been happier and more content with my wardrobe. The long and exhausting process of getting dressed for the day or for a wedding or special event is something I actually look forward to now. Packing for vacation? EASY!

However, it’s been a learning process along the way. I’m learning what my bad shopping habits are and I’m starting to really figure out what it is I wear most and what I don’t. I’ve had a couple impulse buys that I’ve had to return. I’ve purchased a couple items that I’m noticing I don’t wear as often as I thought I would and could probably stand to be without them.

I’m comforted in this area because I know probably 90% of you reading this share the same bad habit! You try on a shirt that you absolutely love! It feels good, it looks good, You feel good, YOU look good. So you decide to buy it in every color! One in black, gray, white and don’t forget MUSTARD YELLOW!


The reality is, there will always be that “favorite white tee”. You know what I mean? So you may buy this shirt in every color but 2 months from now you may try on another shirt that you also LOVE, maybe even more than that other shirt you bought in every color. Will you also buy this shirt in every color? This is where the cycle starts. It won’t be long before you’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on clothing items you hardly wear because you keep finding things to replace them and then buy them in multiple colors. The real problem is that you actually didn’t replace them, you just added them to your overflowing closet.

Can you tell I’ve had a lot of time to dissect this problem of mine? (And yours!)

When I’m in that situation, I ask myself “Are you willing to pass up another perfect top down the road because you bought this top in every color?” After returning several “bought one in every color” purchases over the years, I’ve learned my answer is no 99% of the time.

It continues to be a learning process for me but overall, I’ve stuck tight to my capsule. Right now my wardrobe breaks down like this…

* 7 pairs of shoes
* 15 tops
* 8 bottoms (shorts and pants mix)
* 2 dresses
* 2 jackets

For a total of 34 items. I haven’t given myself an actual number yet but my goal has been to stay under 40. I’ve found it surprisingly easy to stay around that number! In fact, I could probably cut a few items out.

Just yesterday I packed up my summer capsule. From the view outside my window today, I think it’s safe to say that Fall is here and here to stay!  Here is what I have worn the crap out of this summer. These are my “favorites of my favorites”, for lack of a better term!

  1. Swing Tank
  2. Baseball Cap– They no longer sell my favorite cap but I have my eye on this one!
  3. Women’s 7 For All Mankind Cutoff Denim Shorts
  4. Birkenstock Sandal


I hit up the Anniversary Sale this year and started preparing my fall capsule. I have a feeling my “go to” capsule item this fall will be flannel shirts. I’ve worn my flannel and denim shirts quite a bit this summer despite the heat. I like the convenience of being able to take them on and off all day (assuming you’re wearing something underneath, ha!). I’m always going back and forth between being too hot and being too cold.

My capsule isn’t quite ready for fall but I am! Bring on the pumpkin spice and caramel apples! If you need some fall decor inspiration, check out this post!









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