DIY Picture Frame

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I was shopping in Crate and Barrel several months ago and came across these oversized metal clips. It sparked an idea for a creative way to display the girls’ pictures! I had a small gallery wall above the couch but I never fell in love with it and eventually took it down.

If you’ve read my blog post about my capsule wardrobe then you already know I’m a minimalist when it comes to fashion but what may surprise you is I’m also a minimalist when it comes to home decor. I like big, open, clutter-free spaces. I’m not someone that sits and stairs at all the empty wall space in my house, trying to decide on the perfect decor piece to buy and hang there. I understand that to some, empty walls may feel boring and unhomey (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) but to me, empty wall space makes the room feel bigger and brighter. And I happen to breathe easier in open spaces!  However, that wall behind our couch was just too huge of a wall to keep it empty. I have a lot of grey and white in our house so I decided to add some texture. These DIY wooden picture frames did the trick!


Metal Clip
2X6 @ 3 feet long
16 inches of black chain
1 black wall hook
Corner Braces
Spray Paint (any kind will do)
 Wood Stain, Briarsmoke(I used and LOVE Briarsmoke by Varathane)

 Cut each 2X6 board at 12 inches in length. This is a perfect project for all those scrap pieces of wood you have laying around!

Drill pocket holes and attach the 3 boards using wood glue and pocket hole screws. If you don’t have a kreg jig, attach the boards using metal Strap Ties.

Stain. Briarsmoke is topping the charts as my favorite wood stain these days! It’s beautiful! It’s a soft brown with some gray undertones. Not too rich but not too soft, it’s juuuuust right. I haven’t been able to find Varathane stain in any store so I order it off Amazon Prime. But who can complain when it’s brought to my door with free two-day shipping? Love Amazon Prime!

Center your clip and screw into place. My package of corner brakets came with one extra screw that happened to work perfectly for securing this clip into place but any wood screw would do!

Spray paint the corner brackets. When they are dry, Center your 8X10 picture and screw in the corner brackets around each picture.

I added my chain by screwing two wood screws into the back of the picture frame at opposite corners and then looped one chain link around the screw head. A lot cheaper than buying special hooks! Next, screw in the black wall hooks and that’s it! These picture frames are on the heavy side so if you can screw directly into your studs, that would be ideal.  Stud Finder finder will help a bunch! And if you can’t screw into a stud, THESE are my favorite drywall screws!


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