DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

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I fell in love with this DIY Vintage Suitcase Table. If this project doesn’t sell, I won’t be disappointed! This project takes hardly anytime at all! Quick and relatively easy if you have all the supplies!

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table


Vintage suitcase with hard shell (check local thrift shops)

Paint and brush (any color, any kind)

Piece of plywood (1/2 inch thick)

4 wooden tapered table legs-(For those of you that live in Walla Walla, these are only sold online but you can have them shipped to our store for FREE)

4 heavy duty top plates

drill/drill bit

DIY Vintage Suitcase TableI purchased this vintage  suitcase for $10 after I posted an ISO add on Facebook.

DIY Vintage Suitcase TableI traced the piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the suitcase because you will need a piece of wood to screw your table legs into. This is the main reason you want to buy a hard shell suitcase not a soft shell. Next you will need a jigsaw (or a handy Dad who has one and can make the cut for you) to cut out your piece of wood to fit into the bottom of the suitcase.

DIY Vintage Suitcase TableI originally chose to paint the table legs and plywood in Annie Sloan “Napoleonic Blue” and then remembered how bold it was so I decided to mix it 1:1 with Annie Sloan Graphite. I also applied a dark wax to give it a more antique/vintage look (optional step). In fact, if you’ve never used Annie Sloan Dark Wax, I recommend skipping this step! The table legs came with silver metal plates on the end so I chose to spray paint them gold to match the hardware on the suitcase.

DIY Vintage Suitcase TableOnce the legs and plywood have had time to dry, you need to mark where you want to drill in the plates for the table legs. I didn’t do any fancy measuring, I just eyeballed it, and then marked a dot with a Sharpie.

DIY Vintage Suitcase TableDrill your holes. Make sure the plywood is removed from the bottom of the suitcase or you will most likely drill right through your plywood and that won’t be pretty. Also, make sure to choose a drill bit that matches the size of the screws you will be using. After drilling the holes, replace your plywood, screw in the metal plates and attach your table legs! You’re done!

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

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