DIY Mason Jar Decor

Wall Decor

I’ve had this rustic window pane just laying on the floor in our guest bedroom for months. I finally decided to hang it up and added a little more character to it with some mason jars and flowers. Below you will find a full tutorial along with video tutorial on how to create this DIY Mason Jar Decor in your own home using little (cheap!) supplies!



Mason Jar- ( I’ve found them the cheapest at Walmart)

Hose Clamp (found in plumbing section of any hardware store)

Screws (I used wood screws of average size)


Flower/other Decor

DIY Mason Jar Decor-measuring

Find the center using a tape measurer and measure from top to bottom and side to side to find the middle. Mark it with your fingernail (if you have any) or a pencil.

DIY Mason Jar Decor-drilling

Unscrew the hose clamp so the clamp unfolds. This will make it much easier to screw into the wall. I used wood screws for this step. Find the middle of the hose clamp and place the screw in-between the slats. Use A LOT of muscle and screw the clamp into the wall. Seriously….a lot of muscle. I screwed these clamps directly into the sheetrock. I wasn’t sure how secure they would fit since they were only screwed into the sheetrock and not a stud but I had no choice since the studs behind the sheetrock were not where I needed them to be. Luckily, it worked out perfectly! They are very secure and can easily hold the weight of the mason jar.

**NOTE** It’s helpful to take your mason jar with you when you purchase your hose clamps. Hose clamps come in all different sizes and it’s best to get one that fits that specific size of mason jar. I’ve learned this from past experience…

DIY Mason Jar Decor-hose clamp

Bend the two ends of the hose clamp and use the dial to screw them together.

DIY Mason Jar Decor-tighten

Drop the mason jar in and tighten the clamp using that same dial.

DIY Mason Jar Decor-flower

Decorate with whatever you want!

mason jar


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  1. Jodi Grove
    June 14, 2016

    I love your work! Keep posting more!

    1. jamiejowilliams
      July 25, 2016

      Thanks Jodi!


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