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I was cramming in the finishing touches on all of my furniture for the Vintage Fix Market this month but then the weather took a turn and now it’s FREEZING. Too cold to add any coats of polyurethane to my furniture. Since I’m at a standstill, I figured I would jump on here and share some of my favorite clothing items in my fall capsule with you. Raise your hand if you like flannel! Raise your other hand if you like to dress like a boy!

I’m raising both my hands.

I had a feeling that flannel button downs would be my *go-to* for Fall and Winter. I was right! They are just so easy to wear everyday. You can tuck them into your jeans, wear them with a vest, under a sweater, etc. I love how warm and cozy they are. You can dress them up with a cute necklace for an evening out or just throw a vest over the top and run out to the grocery store. Button downs are so versatile and have grown to be a necessity in my capsule wardrobe. Some days I feel like a total lumberjack lumberjane. Below you can find my favorite flannel shirts and where I purchased them. AND they are on sale!


One two three four

I have two pairs of Zella Leggings that I absolutely love. Zella is the best brand for leggings that I have ever found. They don’t fade and they maintain their shape. They smooth areas that need to be smoothed and hug areas that need to be hugged, you know what I mean? *Lady lumps*


One two

I persuaded my mom to purchase some Zella leggings earlier this year and she’s hooked. If you are in the market for a good, solid pair of leggings, give Zella a try! My only complaint is that I wish they had more color options in their solid legging. Boohoo.


capsule wardrobe

I look at jeans as an investment. What you buy is what you get. Buying high quality jeans has opened up my world to a whole new feeling of comfort. I tried on a couple pairs of jeans at the Gap a couple months ago and couldn’t get them off fast enough. I noticed a huge difference in comfort level, quality, and stretch. Paying the price for designer jeans sucks, I totally get that. That’s why I like to think of it as an investment. Jeans should last you a century. I have several friends that still have designer jeans from HIGH SCHOOL! I would rather fork over the money for one pair of high quality jeans than spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the course of a couple years on jeans that shrink, fade and lose their shape. I can think of so many times that I went shopping and easily dropped a couple hundred dollars on items that I quickly lost interest in. I’m spending the same amount of money, except this time I leave the store with a pair of jeans that I love and will last me 10 years.

I don’t spend a lot money on handbags or shoes. I don’t even really care about make up or getting my nails done. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry or care about hair accessories, so I feel I’ve justified splurging on jeans because I’m saving so much money in other areas. Does that make sense?

Below are my favorite jeans that I wear all day long. I chase kids up the stairs in these jeans, I build furniture in these jeans, I go out to fancy dinners in these jeans. I do EVERYTHING in these jeans.

capsule wardrobe

One (sold out but they are 7’s from Nordstrom) two three

And because I can’t take anything too seriously these days (including myself) here’s some candid shots that show you just how awkward it is to be standing in your backyard with a tripod and a remote control, taking pictures of yourself. But seriously, I really have to fight hard to take a normal photograph. I would much rather cross my eyes, double up my chin and look rediculous! This world could use a little more silliness and a lot more laughter. So, here you go!

I really need to let go of all the dead plants on my patio. They aren’t pretty anymore.

If DIY wasn’t my thing, I think modeling would be.

 When you refuse to let summer go and now your dead flowers are frozen into your vase.

Wondering what the heck a “Capsule Wardrobe” is? CLICK HERE

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