Our Fixer Upper-Galley Kitchen

With demo day right around the corner, I felt this was a great time to take you inside our kitchen before it’s completely demolished! The kitchen has been on our priority list since we purchased the home 3 years ago. I’ve been dreaming of what to do with this space for years. I’m so excited (and nervous) to take all of those thoughts and ideas and create my dream kitchen.

I’m going to share those thoughts and ideas with you but first I want to show you what this kitchen looked like when we first toured the home and all the cosmetic changes we made. If you like yellow, you will LOVE those cabinets!

My family thought we were out of our minds when we purchased this home. Now I see why! If you can see past the yellow cabinets, green formica and linoleum floors, you will see that all this space needs for a quick and inexpensive update is paint. And a lot of it! What I loved about this kitchen, and the whole house was all the natural light. We have so many windows and honestly, I wouldn’t mind having some more. “Light and bright” is something I’m constantly hearing myself repeat over and over again when it comes to designing and decorating.

We had a lot of work to do to this house before we could move in, so dropping thousands on the kitchen wasn’t an option. We focused on other areas of the house and did what we could afford to in the kitchen. We painted the cabinets, bought new hardware and painted the countertops-YES, PAINTED! I’ll explain more about that in a minute. We also painted the walls, hung a new light fixture and bought a new range and refrigerator.

Lets talk more about the countertops. I have to give my husband credit for this idea. He came across this product called Giani Granite. Basically, you pay $80 and they send you a kit with everything you need to transform your counters. It came with a DVD showing exactly how to do it. It even gave you construction paper so you can practice before you go in for the real deal. EVERYTHING you need is in that kit. It’s also available to purchase on Amazon Prime!

We followed the instructions and rolled on the primer. If I remember correctly, this had to dry for a couple days before we sponged on the other paint colors. There’s really nothing more to it. We poured out the different colors of paint onto paper plates and sponged it on until it resembled the look we were shooting for. Below is a Before and After picture so you can really get an idea of how transforming this product was.



We sealed it with two coats of polyurethane (comes in the kit) and let it cure for about two weeks. That’s it folks. If you have some funky countertops and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to update them, check out Giani Granite We are three years into using these countertops and for the most part they have held up pretty well. I would encourage you to seal them with polyurethane once every year. Without even thinking about it, I always cleaned the counters with bleach and never resealed them. The poly has almost completely worn off and now they stain really easily. It’s not a huge deal since we will be gutting the kitchen soon but if you want this finish to last a long time, don’t use bleach and apply a new coat of poly every year.


If you want to follow along on this huge renovation of ours click HERE! For more peeks inside our Fixer Upper, click HERE!

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