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A master bedroom is the one thing missing from our fixer upper. And due to the layout of the house, it’s probably something we will never have unless we win the lottery. Either way, my dreams of a large master suite with wall-to-wall windows and an oversized master bath are FAR out of reach.

The way I see it is unless you custom build your own home, there will always be things you have to settle on. That was the master bedroom (or lack of) for us. Not only is it not a master suite, but it’s quite small. My dreams of a king size bed also went out the window. Darn it!

I’ve had to work with the space that we have and it has definitely been challenging at times. For months, I wanted to build some floating nightstands to attach to the wall and free up some floor space, in hopes of making it feel just a teeny tiny bit more spacious. Several months ago, I did just that! Below is the full tutorial of how to build your own!


3/4 plywood (3×5′ sheet will be plenty)



Kreg Jig

2 1/2in pocket hole screws

1 1/4in pocket hole screws

Nail Gun and 1 1/4 in brad nails

wood screws-3in and 1 1/2in

wood glue

Stain and Poly


You can modify the measurements according to the space your working with. I used some leftover scrap pieces of 3/4in birch plywood for this project. Make 4 panels. I used my circular saw, along with my favorite tool (click here) to help ensure a straight even line and cut two panels at 16X10 and two panels at 10×10 inches.

Take your two 10×10 panels and drill your pocket holes as shown in the picture.

Using 1 1/4in pocket holes screws and wood glue, attach the two 10×10 panels to each side of one 16×10 panel. Make sure they line up evenly so that all sides are flush with each other.

Flip it upside down on top of the other 16×10 panel and attach the other sides with 1 1/4in pocket hole screws and wood glue. If you don’t have an angled drill like this one to get into small spaces, you may have to drill wood screws in from the outside of the 16×10 panel to attach the 10×10 boards.

Now it’s time to add the trim pieces. Take your 1×3 board and cut two boards at 10in length. You will use these boards to attach to the sides of the box using wood glue and 1 1/4in brad nails as shown in the picture. Once both left and right trim pieces are attached, you’re ready to add the front trim piece. Cut another 1×3 board at 17.5 in and attach it to the front of the box using wood glue and brad nails.

Next, you will add the bottom trim pieces. Start with the left and right side trim pieces first just like the top. Cut two boards at 10in and attach them to the bottom of the box using wood glue and brad nails. Then add the front trim piece to the bottom of the box. See picture below.


Once you attach the bottom trim pieces, attach the two front trim pieces on the left and right side. Patch up any nail holes with wood filler, let it dry and stain it in whatever you prefer. I used Varathane’s Briarsmoke stain. Protect it with my favorite sealer. Now for the cleat, because how the heck are you suppose to attach this thing to your wall, right?!

You want the cleat slightly smaller than the box. I used a 2×2 furring strip for this step. Cut one piece at 15in and three pieces at 5in. Drill pocket holes into the 5in pieces and attach them to the 15in piece with 2 1/2in pocket hole screws.

The cleat should slide into the back of the nightstand as shown in the picture. The building part is finished! I’ll walk you through the steps to attach this sucker securely to your wall below.

  1. Decide where you want to place your nightstands on the wall and make a little pencil mark.
  2. Next, take a stud finder and pencil mark where those studs are in your wall. You want to at least drill into one stud if you can. Take note if there are any electrical outlets nearby, you do not want to drill right above one for the fear of hitting live wire! Ouch! My Stud Finder lets me know where there is live wire, which is really helpful!

3. Hold your cleat up to the wall and make sure its level. Drill a hole through the cleat, into the wall and into the stud. Drill another hole on the opposite side of the cleat, into the wall. If there’s no stud, thats ok, we will use drywall anchors. These are my favorite brand of drywall anchors. Remove your cleat from the wall and drill an anchor into the hole in the wall where there is no stud. Next, line up your cleat with those same holes and drill 3in wood screws into the holes you just predrilled. You should feel one screw hit the stud in the wall, and the other screw will screw into the anchor in the drywall.

Your cleat should be secure to the wall without any wobbling. Slide the box over the cleat and predrill two holes from the top of the nightstand in the backside of the cleat. Drill 1 1/2in wood screws into the nightstand, down into the cleat to secure the box to the cleat.

YOU’RE FINISHED! Enjoy those floating nightstands and the extra space it clears up in your bedroom. Throw a basket underneath with pillows/blankets to hid any electrical outlets.






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