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I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned the hard way that in order to stay on top of the bills, I have to be organized. Too many times I have piled them up in the corner of my kitchen and then ended up missing one or paying one twice. Don’t you think we should get a boost in our credit score when we pay a bill TWICE?! Makes sense to me!

Anyway, I needed a better system to keep track of our bills each month. Something I could just glance at and get an overall idea of where our finances stood-which bills were still outstanding and which ones were paid. That’s why I created my own little budget binder and printables! I thought if I made them pretty by adding some pops of color that maybe I would actually enjoy paying bills!

Not so. Wishful thinking I guess. But having the organization definitely makes it quicker and less dreadful!


The way I stay organized is through this binder. I have dividers inside that help keep everything in order. I have organized them by season- fall, winter, spring and summer and then I have one tab labeled “Extra” which is where I keep my extra worksheets. I only chose to label them by season because binder dividers usually come in a package of 5 and I wanted them to bet versatile so that I could use them over and over again. Behind the divider is a laminated folder that holds my “Bills To Pay” worksheet. Behind that folder is another laminated ziplock folder that contains all of the bills for that month. When I receive a bill, I open it up, write down the amount in the designated area on the worksheet and keep the bill in the front pocket of the binder until I’ve paid it. Once I’ve paid the bill, I mark a line through the amount on the worksheet and put the bill into the ziplock folder. That helps me easily keep track of which bills have been paid and which haven’t.

That is how I stay organized! You are welcome to download the PDF files for FREE by clicking the links below!


Download Bills Printable HERE!

Download Budget Binder Printable HERE!


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