Graphite Entry Way Table

Graphite Entry Way Table

Below you will find a complete tutorial on how I refinished this Graphite Entry Way Table!

Graphite Entry Way Table

Graphite Entry Way Table


Paint and paint brush (doesn’t need to be Chalk Paint)

Clear wax and brush (polycrylic if using latex paint)

Clean rag or Cheesecloth Ultra Fine Cotton Commercial Grade 27 SqFt

220 grit sandpaper

1500-2000 grit sandpaper

Hand Sander tool (optional)

Decorative knob

Baby Wipes (optional)

Graphite Entry Way TableA friend of my moms was moving out of their house and was getting rid of a bunch of furniture. They gave me this solid wood table for FREE! I rarely pass up free furniture, especially when it’s solid wood and in great condition. I have awesome friends that text me when they see free furniture out on someone’s lawn and it’s a mad dash to get to it before someone else does.

Graphite Entry Way TableBaby wipes. Something I ALWAYS have in bulk at my house. They are great for wiping the dust off furniture. You always want to start with a clean surface.

Graphite Entry Way TableWhen I’m working with real wood I usually love to mix stain and paint together when refinishing a piece but for this table I wanted it all one color-Graphite! Graphite is a beautiful slate gray when it’s waxed and finished. If you’ve never used Annie Sloan Graphite before, let me warn you its really not that pretty until you wax! You’ll see what I mean below…

Graphite Entry Way TableThis was after one coat. See how it almost has a blue tint to it? Don’t worry about it. Just keep painting! Also, notice how sloppy the paint job looks. I never take my time with the first coat of paint. My main goal is to cover the furniture like a coat of primer. It doesn’t need to be beautiful so just slap it on.

Graphite Entry Way TableWhen I want a really smooth (I mean REALLY smooth) surface I always sand between coats. Take a fine grit sandpaper, 220 grit or finer and lightly sand the top. This hand sander tool is the best! It’s well worth the five bucks. It helps to apply even pressure when sanding and overall makes sanding by hand much easier. When you start sanding it’s going to leave a chalky residue behind and it might even look ruined but it’s not, so don’t panic like I did the first time I used graphite!

Graphite Entry Way TableHere’s a picture after the second coat and a little more light sanding. Still ugly, right? This is where the Annie Sloan Clear Wax comes to your rescue!

Graphite Entry Way TableIf you’ve never used Annie Sloan Wax before, I highly encourage you to watch this video. I’m still learning with this wax. It’s definitelly not easy! Once I feel like a pro, I’ll write a post with all my tips and tricks when using wax. By the way, you do not have to use chalk paint or wax. You can do this same tutorial and sub in latex paint and a polyurethane protective finish. The steps are the same!¬†After you’re done waxing and it has had time to dry over night, take an extremely fine grit (1500-2000) sandpaper and your handy sanding tool and sand the crap out of the top! You can also use really fine steel wool (000) and rub it down too. This, along with the wax will create this smooth surface. So smooth it literally feels like glass. That’s what I love about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- you can create so many different textures.

Graphite Entry Way TableMy favorite part is attaching the hardware. Hardware can really make or break a piece of furniture! Hobby Lobby is my favorite place to find decorative pulls and knobs. They also go 50% off about every two weeks! I bought this knob at 50% off for $2.00. Can’t beat that! You are finished!

Graphite Entry Way Table

Graphite Entry Way TableSee how the picture frames reflect almost a mirror-like image off the top of the table? This is what I meant by “really smooth”. If you run your hand over the top, it feels like glass. Hope you enjoyed this Graphite Entry Table Tutorial! Questions? Leave them below.

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