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I’m not decorating for the holidays this year. I know! Tears are flooding up in my eyeballs as I sit here and type this!

Hear me out.

Make no mistake, I look forward to decorating for Christmas ALL YEAR. It’s my favorite season. However, our big remodel looks like it’s going to land right around Thanksgiving. Which means the refrigerator, the range, the dining room table and chairs, the washer and dryer, and all the other knick knacks that reside in our kitchen and laundry room will all be relocated to our living room. It will be a miracle if we can even create a walking path through that area.

Decorating is just not in the cards for me this year. I have all these wonderful ideas and I can’t execute any of them. The Joanna Gaines in me is crying out in agony right now. Save me from this prison! And of course this happens to fall on the year that Joanna had to go launch a new gorgeous home decor line at Target, featuring the most beautiful and minimalistic (GUYS! You know what the word *minimalism* does to my heart and soul) holiday decor.

Although, if I can be completely honest here….

There’s a small part of me that is sightly relieved. There’s just so much going on right now and I feel like my plate is overflowing. Even though I enjoy decorating for the holidays, it’s a little stress off my shoulders knowing that I won’t be able to carry out this year.

Since I’ll be living vicariously through every other person that gets to decorate their home this holiday season, I thought I would share some of the women that have inspired me through their sense of style and decor for the holidays! You will also find links to purchase some of the items featured!

I’m kicking this off with Carrie from C&G designs. Serving trays are one of my favorite decor items to make, mostly because they are so versatile.  You can display a variety of cheese and fruit for a yummy appetizer at Thanksgiving or just simply use it as a staple item in your home decor. Possibilities are endless with serving trays. I always find Carrie’s trays to be a total *scroll stopper* on Instagram!

I don’t even know where to begin with Bethany from Blessed On Blue Finch! Her entryway is absolutely breathtaking! Christmas ornaments in a tin can?  Genius! I love all of the different textures she added into this space. Everything compliments each other so well. Whenever I’m decorating or designing a space, I always have two goals in mind-contrast and texture! Bethany nailed it! Follow her on Instagram to see more! (Links to some of these items featured will be found further on in the post)

Cynthia, from Harper And Arrow Marketplace added a lot of natural elements to her holiday decor this year. The wood tones and the greenery add such a beautiful and warm contrast to her living room. I love that she was still able to keep her space feeling bright and open, but also warm and cozy at the same time. I’m excited to see how she continues to spread those natural elements throughout her home this holiday season! You can follow along too, just click here!

One of my favorite things about entertaining is getting to use all of my serving bowels, platters and spoons that I don’t use on a day-to-day basis. Erin from A Spoonful is a good friend of mine and is a vintage silver genius. She hunts high and low for beautiful vintage flatware and then hand stamps them with the sweetest and most clever sayings. I often find that when I’m decorating or hosting, it’s aways something simple, such as a vintage serving spoon that completes the look I’m going for. Check out all of Erin’s inventory by clicking here.

It would be impossible to end this post and not mention the All-American Home Decor NINJA, Joanna Gaines. I visited her new line “Hearth & Hand” at Target last week and totally understood why everyone is drinking the Koolaid. It’s beautiful, it’s affordable, it’s timeless, it’s neutral, it’s simple, it’s…..(get ready for it) MINIMALISTIC! No bright colors or glitter of any kind.

I’m sorry to whomever picked up one of her stockings after me because I legit drooled all over them.

Below are some of my favorites from her new line.


1) Wreath

2) Log Holder

3) Pitcher

4) Stocking

5) Door Mat 

6) Candle Holder

7) Table Runner

8) Lantern Jug

Demo day is almost here! Follow along on Instagram to watch me transform (or completely ruin) our home!

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