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It’s only the second week of demo and SO much has happened already. Kyle and I are honestly shocked at the pace of our contractor and his crew! Part of our house is down to the studs! Walls are gone, beams are placed, concrete is jacked up for the new addition, new electrical is happening. So much is happening. And I’m loving it.

Every minute of it.

Surprisingly, the girls have been able to nap through all of the loud noises. I thought being so cramped in our living room would drive me buts but… I dare say it’s actually kind of fun? I’m contemplating on never using regular dishes again. Tossing all of our paper plates and utensils into the recycling after dinner makes clean-up a BREEZE. Kyle happens to have a washer and dryer at his office so every morning I send him off with a bag of laundry. Thanks, Honey!

Man, no dishes and no laundry. I could get used to this!

My design vision is also moving right along at a fast pace. I didn’t realize that I would have to make so many decisions up front. It makes sense though, obviously the cabinet guys need to know the size of our appliances, sink, etc. The electrical guy needs to know where I want my lighting fixtures, what kind of fixtures, etc.

I compiled a collection of pictures (otherwise known as a “mood board”) to show you where I’m going with this design. My goal is to keep the space feeling bright with white cabinets, white subway tile and light countertops. I’m going to add some warmth with wood features such as open shelving and exposed beams. I also want to add some contrast and give it a splash of character by using black and gold fixtures and adding a grey and white patterned mosaic on one wall above the range. Some of these things I’ve already ordered and some I just have my eye on.


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen

Ultimately, I just want to love this kitchen for years to come. I’m trying to incorporate elements that are timeless like subway tile, quartz, etc. Cabinet hardware and light fixtures are somewhat easy and relatively inexpensive to switch out down the road, but NOT SO with custom cabinets, countertops and backsplash. Designing this space has been so much fun. I’m unraveling a passion I never knew I had.

“8….9…10 and breathe! Right back on it! You got this. Push! That’s it! I can see the head!”

That was me two years ago, coaching a mom through the birth of her baby. And now I sit here at my computer screen…”Deep breath, Jamie. You got this. Just choose a light fixture. You can do this!”

Two VERY different passions! But both provide me with the same thrill and excitement. If you’d like to see the pictures of what this place looked like prior to demo, CLICK HERE! And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram where I’ll be sharing all the updates via Instastories!


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