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Hello! This is a busy month in the Williams house. Holidays seem to always bring a little hustle to our daily life, as I’m sure it does to yours as well. From Thanksgiving to New Years, I always feel like I’m sprinting! I’m preparing for Christmas (which is a marathon in itself), Holiday party after Holiday party, vacations, decorating, baking, cooking, etc. It’s my favorite time of year but it’s also the most exhausting. Can I get an Amen?!

And in addition to our normal crazy, we are getting ready to demolish our kitchen, knock down a bunch of walls in our dining room and add on a mudroom/laundry room to the back of our house. Our goal was to start this big demo months ago so it didn’t fall on the Holidays, but you know how construction goes….it always takes longer than you think!

I’ve shared a lot of our ideas on Instastories but I also wanted to pop on over here and show you our plans and all the fixings! Here is a little sketch up of our new Kitchen. We are working with a company here in Walla Walla called The Interior for our cabinets.


Before you proceed, it might be helpful to take a look at what our kitchen looks like right now- click here.

I’m going to build some open shelving to the right of the window. To the left of the fridge is a doorway that will have a glass door that goes out into the laundry room/mudroom. In the middle of the kitchen will be a big island. See below.

We started off with a basic plan for the island but I had them extend the side panels so you don’t see the overhang of the countertop. I think it looks more finished this way and I like that we will be able to hide part of our chairs/stools underneath.

Now for the fun stuff! I went back and forth on the color of our cabinets and ultimately decided on white. I was worried we had too much white going on (white cabinets, white subway tile, white quartz) but then I came across the images below….

WHITE on WHITE it is! For me personally, I don’t like to take big risks when it comes to home decor and design. I tend to be more simple and safe. If you’ve ever done new construction then you know it’s not cheap. I have to LOVE this kitchen for the next 20 years. My goal is to create a space that is timeless. Subway tile is classic. White cabinets may not always be the “latest trend” but it will always give our home a bright and airy feel. I plan on adding some finishes and personal touches that will still give it contrast and character, while reflecting my own personal style and taste.

This is where I’m at with my design board. This gray tile is the best I’ve found that resembles the concrete look I’m going for. It has lots of color and texture which I think will hide a lot of the dirt (and dog hair). ¬†I would love to lay this down throughout the entire house, but for budget reasons we will have to do a transition piece off the entryway and keep the laminate that we currently have in the living area, bedroom and hallway. This flooring is from Cost Less Carpet, which is a flooring shop here in Walla Walla.

I’m so grateful to be partnering with Cement Tile Shop and D. Lawless Hardware for our mosaic backsplash above the range and cabinet hardware. This black and white cement tile will lay on the wall, over our range. See the beautiful pattern below!

What drew me to this style was the classic black and white contrast and the simple pattern. I didn’t want something that would make me dizzy by looking at it. The Cement Tile Shop has so many options! It’s really hard to choose. In fact, I may order a couple more samples before I make my final decision!

I’m extremely fond of brass elements. It has to be the right kind of brass though, you know? That shiny reflective 1990’s brass is not the kind of finish I’m talking about. I love more of an antiqued, soft brass. I came across these octagon knobs from D. Lawless Hardware and instantly fell in love. I feel like it was a match made in Heaven because they so happened to have a matching pull to go with it! If you live here in Walla Walla then you may have experienced the frustration of only having one place in town to buy cabinet hardware. Most of the time, I’m never able to find what I’m looking for. D. Lawless Hardware has a huge selection of knobs and pulls. They’re prices are fair, they’re shipping is fast (and affordable) and their customer service is outstanding!

We decided to go with Quartz countertops from Pental Surfaces in the color Misterio. The pattern is really simplistic. I love white, and I knew I wanted mostly white countertops. Bold patterns are beautiful but for my taste, I knew I would eventually grow tired of such a bold surface. Misterio was the perfect combo of minimal but not boring. We are working with Fascinate Stone here in Walla Walla for our countertops. It works out perfectly because they happen to share a showroom with our Cabinet company, so we can see examples of cabinetry paired with different counter options.

That pretty much sums up our plans as of right now! We are pretty darn excited to have our dream kitchen. What I’m not excited about is doing dishes in the bathtub for the next 3 months.

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