Kitchen Remodel Update *Drywall*

I wanted to jump on here with a quick update on our remodel! If you follow along on Instagram then you’re probably caught up on everything, but if you don’t, A LOT has changed since my last post. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC is all finished, along with the addition of our laundry room. Drywall took place yesterday and everything looks so different now! It was such a dark cave when it was down to the studs. I missed all that light that once flooded the room. Having the drywall up really brightened the space and made it feel like a home again.

Our main floor is staying warmer now too, which is also a huge bonus! Here’s some progress pictures and then I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been looking at for our new front door. If you haven’t checked out my first post about our remodel, click here so you can see all of the before pictures!

kitchen remodel


kitchen demo

WOO!!!!! Drywall! I’m getting a feel for what the beams will look like in contrast with our white walls.

And I’m loving it!

They have a tiny bit more to finish up on Monday and then I think they will start taping and texturing. It’s been hard to pick out light fixtures because I couldn’t get a feel for the space when it was just studs, but now I think pulling the trigger on those items will be easier.

My main task lately has been trying to choose a new front door. I’m naturally drawn to doors that have a lot of glass because I’m a natural light lover. Give me all the windows and glass! Choosing a style that’s slightly unique was also important to me. I wanted our entrance to make a statement and also reflect the character of our home. Below is our current front door situation and then a few front door pins that I’ve been crushing on.



They are all so pretty! It’s been tough to choose but I think we narrowed down our favorite…


Winner, winner! I haven’t decided on the finish but I love this style and all that glass. I’m waiting to hear back on some price comparisons but as long as this door falls within our budget, I’m taking it.

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  1. Sara
    February 25, 2018

    It’s going to feel like a whole new house! So excited for you.


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