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It’s been quite a long time since I just wrote a blog post about life in general. So I’m taking this time to sit back, smell the roses and let you know what we’ve been up to! Hopefully I don’t bore you to sleep!

I feel more busier now than I did when I was working (a real job) full time. Some days I can hardly catch my breath! Between stocking inventory for my booth, preparing for workshops, and doing custom furniture pieces for clients, I stay pretty darn busy. Which is why……



The girls start daycare next week! WOOOO!

 I’m going to miss them. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I feel like I’m a bad mom if I say I’M SO EXCITED. They are only going to daycare for one day a week. ONE day. I’m allowed to be excited for one day a week when I can just go to the bathroom by myself! Why are kids so fascinated with human waste? If you’re that excited about it then feel free to put your diapers in retirement and do your business in the big potty! If Clara can do that, she can look at her own human waste all day long and I won’t care.

How could I not miss those cheesy grins?!

In short, I just really need a full day to get work done so I can actually spend time with my family in the evenings. I used to relax on the couch after dinner with a glass of wine in my hand and my husband sitting next to me, watching a HBO series on TV. But now, he sits on the couch by himself and I try and catch bits and pieces of the show while I’m working away on a piece of furniture. I miss doing our bed time routine as a family instead of tag-team. One day a week of daycare will allow me to cross a lot of work off my list so that I can start enjoying the evenings and not feel so pressured to get all the work done I wasn’t able to do that day. Wednesdays. That will soon be my most favorite day during the week. Who knows, I might even get crazy and take a nap!

This girl. She is my spice in life. I love her crazy curly hair and those big blue eyes. 2 is proving to be a fun and challenging age. One minute I’m rolling on the floor laughing at something she’s said and the next I’m ready to rip my hair out. She’s learning how to test and push (mostly push) the boundaries. She has a voice and will definitely make sure her opinion is heard.


A couple months ago we were out of town for a little weekend getaway when we decided to be brave and go shopping with both babies. We had a plan in place- Kyle would go do his shopping while I took the kids and picked out the clothes I wanted to try on. When he was done we would switch and he would take the kids, I would try on my clothes and then we would all live happily ever after.


Clara was begging to get out of her stroller and walk with me. After being in a car for 5 hours, I decided her request was fair and let her have some freedom. Not 5 minutes later she had made a mad dash for the dressing room, knocking down everything in her path. Once she got to the dressing room she ran into the only room that was open and slammed the door shut, locking me out. She stood inside the dressing room and just laughed and laughed. I waited quietly and once she thought I was gone she slowly turned the door knob and very carefully cracked opened the door to see if I was there. As soon as I saw that sparkling blue eye start to peek out from behind the door, I stiff armed that door and sent it flying into the dressing room, crashing into the wall.


Through kicking and screaming and arched back thrusts, I somehow managed to get her strapped back into her stroller. Since she couldn’t physically act out, she started screaming at the top of her lungs to show her anger and frustration. It was that moment all of us mom’s have nightmares about. Every single person in Nordstrom’s was starring at me as I tried to escape to the quickest exit. Every 30 seconds she would inhale the biggest breath of air her little lungs could take in and let out a blood curdling scream.  I’m surprised her screams didn’t shatter glass. It was that bad!

I sent an SOS text message to kyle and we booked it out of the store before she could embarrass us anymore. I’m sure I’ll tell this story at her wedding someday. And actually, I’m going to hope that she’s just as headstrong and determined when she’s old and grown as she is today. Although, hopefully she can learn how to channel that personality trait in a more appropriate manner. Lord help us.

 But then when I’m least expecting it, she’ll do the sweetest thing that will bring me to tears. Yesterday, I was watching the girls play together and out of nowhere Clara just reached over and wrapped her arms around Quinn, kissed her on the head and in her sweet little toddler voice said

“I love you so much.”

It was one of the most joyful moments that I’ve had  in motherhood so far. Her kindness and sincerity towards her baby sister made my heart explode. Watching them start to intereact and develope that sacred sister bond gives me such joy. Having two sisters of my own, I totally understand how special that connection is.  

I remember being so scared to bring another child into our house. I shared all about it in this blog post. Quinn’s pregnancy was a surprise and I struggled at the thought of being able to love another child as much as I loved Clara. The only way I can describe it, is to say that the same unconditional, indescribable, overflowing love that I had for Clara took residency in a place of my heart that I never knew was there. Quinnie moved in and filled this void I didn’t know I had. That probably sounded super cliche but that’s the only way I can describe it! She is the sweetest baby and I cannot imagine life without that smile!

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She’s on the move and into everything! People told me the first year would be the hardest but it’s actually been pretty easy up until now. Because now she’s mobile and into everything! I’m constantly doing the finger swipe to remove choking hazards out of her mouth and it’s not uncommon for her to have three baths every day since her favorite place to play is the toilet.

I’m still dreaming of the day she sleeps through the night. I know, she is 10 months old and still wakes up about 3-4 times a night. She has NEVER, not once, slept through the night. Which is the reason I drink Coffee now. I’m so grown up.

Although our lives are busier than ever, I’ve never been happier and more content. Even though I miss my nursing job, being a mom and having the ability to stay home with my children is a dream job I never knew I would so strongly desire. Underneath my whining and complaining is a grateful heart that I’m able to work from home while raising my girls. Bring on the temper tantrums, dirty diapers and piles of laundry, I wouldn’t have it any different. 

Except for a ten month old who never sleeps through the night and a 2 1/2 year old who shows no interest in potty training. I would definitely like to have that differently! 

And as I sit here and finish up this post, I hear a familiar cry coming from the nursery down the hall. On my way to her room I’ll say a quick prayer and thank Jesus for the two little people who have given my life a whole new meaning and a greater purpose. Blessings to you and your family!



Fun Fact: 20 minutes after this picture was taken, Clara projectile vomited and started what would be the worst Flu that would eventually take all of us down. I have PTSD from the flu now.

*Pictures by Erin Wright Photography

*Details about my outfit can be found here






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  1. Karen Slawson
    June 15, 2017

    Jamie, Kyle, Clara, and Quinn–
    What a treat to see your family all together! I love the pics, and for all of the shenanigans those sweet pixies put you through. (no sleep, for one!) you all look bright-eyed and beautiful. Jamie, I remember when you were little and so crazy about babies, and now you have them! You and Kyle seem like the perfect parents.
    We all love you so much and wish you joy. Love, Aunt Karen


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