Little Lambs

I wanted to come on here and share with all of you about a major change in our household. Over the last 6 months, Kyle and I have been jumping through hoops, going to training classes (even on my 30th birthday) and filling out truck loads of paperwork to become licensed foster parents.

When I started my career as an OB nurse, I was speechless at the number of CPS cases we had. I figured it only happened a couple times a year. Boy was I wrong. It was never a shock to arrive to your shift and have a baby on a CPS hold, waiting for foster placement. In fact, there were plenty of times when we had MORE than one baby unable to go home and be cared for by his/her parents. I heard from another foster parent that recently, our local hospital had 5 infants that needed homes. It seems as though the number of children in foster care is increasing, not decreasing.

About two years ago, I started to feel this tug on my heart. Like God was calling on us to step in. Kyle and I agreed to begin the licensing process to Foster. We had just finished all of our paperwork when we (surprisingly) found out we were pregnant with Quinn. We put our plans on hold until March of this year. I felt that strong tug again, as if Jesus was telling us it was time.   So, we started from scratch. I filled out mountains of never ending paperwork. We attended training after training and class after class. The process is long and vigorous, let me tell you.

A couple years ago I was sitting in the nursery at the hospital, feeding a baby that had basically been living at the hospital for a over a week, and I looked up at the social worker and asked her why it was so hard to find homes for newborns. Doesn’t everyone want a baby? She explained that 30 years ago they always had homes for babies. But now, most often both parents work full-time and can’t just drop everything to care for a baby, especially a newborn. This is the reason finding foster homes that will take infants can be very tricky. Once I started to phase out of the hospital and into full-time mommy mode, I started to ask myself…

“Well, why not me? Why not us?”

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to stay home full-time with my children. Even though some days are so rough and my patience is tested time and time again, I value this gift so much. And because of this blessing, we are able to raise our hand and help care for these babies.

Kyle and I have chosen to be a short term (otherwise known as respite) care for birth-6 months of age.  At some point we may choose to be a long-term placement but right now we are comfortable with our decision to start slow and test out the water. I specifically chose that age range because I already have the carseat, the bassinet, the swing, the toys, etc. Overall, a baby would be easier to bring into our home right now vs a toddler. And given my career history, you could say that I have a pretty special place in my heart for babies.

Most commonly people will ask us if we plan to adopt. The short answer is no. We didn’t become licensed with that goal in mind, however, I’m open to whatever God has planned for us, but right now, it’s not what I feel God calling us to do.

One of the things I love about blogging is the community of people I’m surrounded by. Most of you I’ve never met and some of you I’ve met standing in the coffee line at Starbucks! I love connecting with the people that care enough to read this blog and watch my (sometimes obnoxious) Insta-stories. My main focus of this blog is to help and inspire. Whether it be inspiring you to declutter your closet and start a capsule wardrobe, or purchase a chop-saw and begin your first project, or even provide you with some fresh ideas on how to style your home, if you can find one little bit of inspiration and answers to your questions, then I’m doing exactly what I set out to do when I started blogging two years ago.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments and encouraging words. Thank you for being here! This just felt right to share with all of you. Maybe some of you are also feeling that pull or tug on your heart and you have so many questions and don’t know where to start. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me questions! I may not have all the answers but I do have some pretty awesome and amazing resources that can answer questions I cannot.

 It hasn’t been THAT long since I’ve had newborns, and I do remember the exhaustion from those sleepless nights and the feeding schedules, and doctor’s appointments, etc.  Babies are busy! I understand that this is a commitment that will take away from being able to carry on with my business at the pace that I have been. I just ask for your patience and understanding. If I turn down a job, it’s certainly not because I don’t want to do it.

I really don’t know what to expect, but I do know that things will change and I’m okay with that. I’m sure I will be cranking out projects at normal speed when we don’t have any babies in our home, but definitely expect some radio silence when we do. Kyle and I are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for licensing. We aren’t finished yet but I’m expecting to be finished and licensed in the next 6-8 weeks or so. After that happens, we just wait for the phone to ring. This is all very new territory for us so if you could keep us in your prayers as we learn the ropes of being new foster parents, I would greatly appreciate it! I’m excited, I’m scared and I’m nervous.

Since we are on the subject of what to expect, this is a good time to talk about what I can share with you and what I can’t. I know this will spike some curiosity and you will have questions. I cannot tell you why a child has been placed in foster care. It’s not appropriate for me to talk about what happened to them, etc. For the safety and privacy of the children in our home (and my family), I won’t be sharing any videos or pictures of the child. This doesn’t mean that you might not get a little glimpse of the baby or see a picture of those cute little toes, but I won’t be sharing photos and videos that include their face. This is to help ensure their safety and privacy, as well as ours.

I can share with you the “estimated” timeframe that a child will be placed in our home but often times that changes. I can share what it’s like to be a foster parent…what our struggles are and what our triumphs are.  I can share details of how to become a foster parent if that’s something you are interested in. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! I’ll kindly let you know if it’s something I’m not permitted to share. I had so many questions when we were going through the process. Luckily I had a couple friends that have been through it and could be there to answer questions and support us. If I can offer any support to you, I would love to!




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