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We are 3 months deep into our kitchen remodel and I’m mentally exhausted just thinking about it. I needed a break from everything “kitchen” related, so I focused my creativity elsewhere! I’ve been playing around on my computer, creating design boards for different areas in our home. It surprisingly offered the perfect escape from the stress of this remodel. It’s fun to get to copy and paste different furniture and textiles into a template. If you don’t like it, just delete it! I wish it was that easy in real life. This summer I plan to refresh our living room. Although our current couches are super comfy, they are too big for our narrow living area. The decor is old and out of style. It just hasn’t been on our priority list so I’ve sort of pushed it off to the side and forgotten about it. Once the kitchen remodel is complete, we can start focusing on the other areas in our home that need a little refresh.


| Sofa | Leather Chair| Leather Ottoman| Pouf | Baskets | Rug (similar) | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Blue Artwork | Pillows from Modern Clementine and Sew and Cloth | Wooden Vase |

I created two different designs for our living room. My first design is my number one pick….if we lived in a perfect world with perfect children (or no children.) If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a parent, it’s that leather furniture is a MUST. I love the soft texture of fabric upholstery but it’s impossible to keep clean with small children and a big hairy dog. I think Kyle and I will have one more baby (shhhh, he doesn’t know that yet) making it silly to purchase anything that I can’t wipe down with a baby wipe.


| Sofa | Rug | Accent Chair | Pouf | Artwork | Faux Fig Tree | Basket | Side Table | Floor Lamp | Wooden Vase | Pillows from Modern Clementine |

So although I love the sofa in option 1, option 2 is a little more practical for our lifestyle. I still tried to add in some different textures to soften up the space so it didn’t feel so masculine, which is easy to accomplish when you have leather furniture. There’s one thing that remains the same in both options, and that’s the blue! I’ve always loved shades of blue. In fact, I read a study once that found most people saw a huge improvement in their mood and a decrease in depression and anxiety when they incorporated blue into their home. So if you’re feeling sad, go getcha some blue artwork!

One year ago I would describe my style as mostly traditional but as seasons change and time goes on, I’ve noticed my eyes brighten a little at the sight of modern style decor and furnishings. Trying to incorporate both styles can be challenging at times. If you watch my Instastories, you already know that has been an issue for me in our kitchen! I wish I would have created a design board before we started our kitchen remodel. It would have made things a lot easier!

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