Mazie’s Nightstand Makeover

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Mazie’s Nightstand Makeover is a quick tutorial to show you how I refinished my grandmother’s vintage nightstand for my niece!


DIY nightstand They just don’t make furniture like they used to, am I right? Everything is made out of particle board now. It’s garbage. I love refinishing older furniture because it’s solid and usually has a lot of character, like this nightstand! I love all the fine details of this piece. This was my grandmothers nightstand and now it belongs to my 9 year old niece. Here’s the story of how this adorable nightstand was reborn!



Hand Sander Tool

220/1500 grit sandpaper

Blue masking tape

Rust-OlEum Antique Pewter Spray Paint

Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler, 16 oz., White (E917)
and Hyde Tool 06221 2-Inch Stiff Scraper

Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint and paint brush


Foam brush

nighstandsandingThe paint was starting to chip off the top so I took my palm sander (hand sander would work fine) and quickly sanded down the top of the table with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface and get rid of anymore chipped paint.

nightstandremodelThe top of the table had some pretty big chips of paint missing so I decided to put some wood filler over the top so those areas wouldn’t show underneath the paint. Apply a small amount with a putty knife over the designated area and then use the straight edge of the putty knife to scrap off the excess, keeping it level with the table. I like this particular wood filler because it’s purple when you apply it and it turns white when it’s dry. Once it’s dry, take a fine grit (220) sandpaper and lightly sand over the top. When you run your hand over the top you shouldn’t feel any bumps. It should feel smooth and level with the table.

furniture tutorialMy niece has a matching armoire and the handles are spray painted in this Rust-Oleum Vintage Pewter. We wanted the hardware to match so we used this to spray paint the hardware on the nightstand too. I thought it would be fun to spray paint the brass detailing around the drawer and doors to match the hardware. (I recommend doing this after you paint!)

anniesloanI painted the nightstand in two coats of Annie Sloan’s “Old White”. I like to sand in-between coats. This isn’t necessary when using Chalk Paint but it’s something I choose to do. I love painting on smooth surfaces! Texture is a big priority of mine when refinishing furniture so I always choose to sand no matter.


This is when I chose to spray paint the detailing around the doors. It’s much easier if you wait until after you’re done painting! Otherwise, this metallic spray paint is going to take a lot of coats to cover up!

handsanderAfter the final coat of Old White paint had dried I took a very fine grit (1500) with my hand sander and sanded down the top of the table. This extra step creates a very smooth surface. Skip this step if you’re not as obsessed with texture like I am!

polycrylicnightstandI love to use Annie Sloan’s clear wax to seal and protect furniture but when it’s a high traffic area (like a table top) I prefer polyurethane. I applied one thin coat over the entire nightstand and two additional coats on the top for extra durability. After it had time to dry it was time to attach the freshly painted hardware and deliver it back to it’s new owner! For more furniture tutorials, click here.

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