Midcentury Curio Cabinet


Midcentury Curio Cabinet

Below is the tutorial on how this Midcentury Curio Cabinet was transformed from funky and dated to modern and beautiful!




Hand Sander and 220 grit sandpaper

Rust-Oleum Antique Pewter

Annie Sloan Graphite Chalk Paint and Brush

ateSherwin Williams- Waterscape Paint

Annie Sloan Clear wax and brush

Clean Cloth

Drill and wood screws (not pictured)

Wainscoting (not pictured)

vintage curio

I found this Midcentury Curio for sale on a Facebook site for $30! I’ve been on the search for a china cabinet for a long time and this was the closest thing I was able to find so I jumped on it! I couldn’t go wrong for $30! When I went to purchase it from the seller I was a little suprised of it’s petite size. It was smaller than I had thought but now that it’s been sitting in my garage for a month I’ve decided it’s the perfect size. It’s big enough to display your serving platters, glassware, etc but not so big that it won’t fit in most dining areas. I think it’s petite size will actually help the sale. I hope…


I don’t know exactly what kind of material was stapled to the back of the curio but it felt and looked almost like cork panel or something similar. Whatever it was, it looked cheap and ugly so I removed it by wedging a flathead screwdriver in-between the board and the back of the curio and it popped right off. I was pleasantly surprised how easily it came off. It only took me a couple minutes to rip all the backing off. The curio already looked SO much better!

chalk paint

I took my hand sander with  220 grit sandpaper and quickly sanded over the entire piece just to remove some of the crud that was stuck to it. After I wiped off all the dust and residue, it was time to paint!


I decided on Annie Sloan Graphite.


This Annie Sloan paint brush is one of my favorites. It holds a lot of paint and minimizes brush strokes. The only thing that I don’t like about it is it’s hard to get into those 90 degree angles. For this reason, sometimes I choose NOT to paint with the grain and paint sideways instead.

vintage curio

The paint covered really nicely. This picture was taken after one coat. The curio needed a total of two coats. I debated for awhile whether I wanted to keep the gold legs or spray paint them. I love gray and gold together but I wasn’t sure if it would all match once I attached the new backing. I finally made up my mind and spray painted them with this.anniesloanchalkpaint

Graphite looks amazing once it’s waxed so I was excited for this step. Check out this video for a short tutorial on Annie Sloan Wax.


I headed to Home Depot with my exact measurements and bought some wainscoting. Did you know that Home Depot will make any straight cut for you for FREE?! Yeah, pretty great.


We painted our front door this color and I LOVE how it turned out. Our house is a dark gray so I knew Graphite and “Waterscape” by Sherwin Williams would compliment each other well.  I painted two coats on the wainscoting and let it dry over night.


Attach the wainscoting using a drill and 1/2 inch wood screws and you’re finished!




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