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For those of you who live in Walla Walla, I’m sad to say that I’ll no longer have my booth at the Country Store as of July 1st. It bothers me when I can’t give 100% to the things I’m passionate about and unfortunately, I’ve had to put my booth on the back burner. Between remodeling our house, preparing for shows, custom projects for clients, and the blog, I just haven’t been able to focus my attention on my booth. I feel like I’m constantly trying to figure out what that perfect balance is between work and home life. I love the different roads this “hobby” of mine has lead me down, but my kids will only be young once (although some days it feels like FOREVER) and I want to cherish these moments. Our family will be experiencing a big change in the next year (more on that later this summer) and it’s important that I understand that I can’t do it all.

I will miss the Country Store! For those wondering about the chalk paint line I sell, I’ll continue to sell it out of my home and I’ll offer free delivery in the walla walla area! Let me know if you need more info on that. Everything in my booth (including country chic products) will be 20% off until the end of June!

Let’s talk about something more fun. Like my new HANGING CHAAAAAAAIRS! <—–insert Oprah voice.

There’s a corner of our patio that I’ve had my eye on for over a year now. I played around with the idea of building a privacy wall but then decided it would block too much of the natural light flowing into our bedroom. I knew I wanted to add extra seating but I wasn’t sure how. Maybe a bench? Or perhaps some lounge furniture?

And then it hit me.

I’ve been crushing on those wicker hanging chairs that people have been using in their homes and it dawned on me while shopping one day that I could build¬† some sort of structure in the flower bed and hang a couple of those chairs from it. I would have the extra seating I was wanting and it would be a fun and unique little perk to our patio!


I scored a great deal on these patio chairs from pier 1 during their outdoor sale. I bought some oversized gray cushions to go with the chairs. Purchasing the chairs was the easy part! Now I had to figure out how exactly I was going to build the structure.

After some discussion with our local lumber store, I decided on purchasing (3) 4X6X10ft Douglas Fir beams. Two posts to put into the ground and one post to attach over the top. There’s definitely more options than just the Doug Fir beams but because I was choosing to stain them, Doug Fir just ended up being what I chose. If you don’t care about color, you could purchase beams that have already been treated.

I bought this chemical treatment at Home Depot, along with two buckets. I split the solution into the two buckets and then filled the rest with water. We dropped the beams into the buckets and propped them up on the side of the garage for 48 hours. I think this goes without saying, but you definitely want to keep this stuff away from kids and animals!

And your clothes! I definitely wasn’t wearing anything my capsule during this project.

While we were waiting for the posts to finish soaking in their treatment, we measured the space and dug the holes. Our opening (the space between each post) was right about 8ft wide. We felt that was an appropriate amount of space for two chairs. Make sure you take into account how wide your chairs are. We used a post shovel to dig each hole. We dug each hole 3 feet deep.

Once the beams had dried, we placed each one into the ground. DO NOT pour your concrete mixture in until you know that the beams are level. We stacked a 2×4 board on top of the beams and then put a long level on top to see if the posts needed adjusting. Once we had them at the right height and we made sure the beams were straight and not crooked, we began to poor the concrete mixture. We poured a little in at a time and then mixed in some water, stirring it constantly with a long metal rod. We used just under 2 bags total of concrete mix for the holes.

Once the concrete mixture had set, we attached the top beam using these post caps (I spray painted them black). I attached the caps with 2 inch wood screws on each. There’s one cap on the front of the post and one on the back, for a total of four caps.

I chose to stain the beams before we added the top beam. I used an outdoor stain with a built in polyurethane. My favorite is chestnut from sherwin williams. It’s also the same stain I used on our outdoor table.

I purchased these heavy duty eye hooks to hang the chairs from. Measure the distance between each post so that the chairs hanging evenly in the space. I absolutely hate math. Always have, always will. I let Kyle and my brother in-law figure out what exact distance from the inside of the post to where I needed to drill the hole for the hook. It ended up being 27.5 inches from the inside of each beam. But don’t ask me how they figured that out. Homegirl doesn’t do math.

I marked the spot with a pencil and drilled a hole with a drill bit that was slightly smaller than the hook. Twist in the hook. It helps to put something long and sturdy through the hook and use that to help you twist it all the way in. You wont be able to twist in that big hook with just your hands, and if you can, you’ve drilled a hole that’s too big.

My chairs came with everything needed to hang it from the eye hook. I clipped both chairs to the hooks, added the cushions and we were finished! I love the unique look it gives our patio! I plan to grow some kind of vine up each beam to provide a little more shade and greenery.

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