Project Playroom

Project Playroom


Anyone who has kiddos knows that they come with so. much. STUFF! It’s amazing how many toys and gadgets you accumulate throughout their childhood. Clara’s toys were starting to take over our main living area. We have three bedrooms upstairs. One for Clara, one for Quinn and the other we used as a guest bedroom. It dawned on me one day that we really don’t need a guest bedroom when ALL our family on both sides live in town so we rarely house overnight guests. I decided to sell the furniture and create a playroom for the girls! Of course I searched on Pinterest for ideas. I came across this pin and loved the big block letters on the wall. I also remembered Hobby Lobby has a ton of letters to choose from in all different styles and if you catch it at the right time, they are 50% off!


Clara had this Ikea Shelving unit in her room but we really didn’t use it other than setting the baby monitor and a few pictures frames on. I moved it to the soon-to-be playroom as I knew it would serve a better purpose in there. It’s the perfect size and does a great job at storing all the toys. Please ignore that hole in the wall. Our electrician had to cut it out to fix  some electrical wire. Ahh…..fixer uppers, gotta love them (or hate them)! 

playroom ideas

I knew I wanted a little reading nook so I bought one of those super cute teepee’s but it ended up being WAY too big and took up half the room. I wanted the reading nook to feel comfy and cozy so I put Clara’s Pottery Barn chair that my mom got her for Christmas in a corner and decorated it with a soft rug and fluffy pillows.


I thought about taking a big section of one of the walls, bordering it with trim and painting the wall in chalkboard paint but the room is on the smaller side and I concluded that using an entire wall for a chalkboard was a waste of space. Instead, I purchased some heavy board at Home Depot that was already cut to this size and painted it in several coats of chalkboard paint. I used some picture hanging hardware to hang the board on the wall. Here’s a tip when creating your own chalkboard; lay a piece of chalk flat and rub it all over the surface before using it. This will help “condition” the board so when you erase your chalk, it won’t leave a stain behind (a step I still need to do!).


It’s so nice to have all the toys up here! I feel like I have my family room back and the girls have their own little room to destroy with legos, books and blocks. The best part is I can just close the door and never have to look at the disaster. Big bonus! 🙂

Letters and wall Decor purchased at Hobby Lobby

Pillows and rug purchased from Target

Monogrammed chair from Pottery Barn

Shelving unit from IKEA

Storage bins from Target

Lamp from  IKEA

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