The New Year

When my caption becomes multiple paragraphs in Instagram, I decide to take those thoughts to the blog, so here I am! Apparently I have a lot more to say about 2017 than I initially thought.

 It was my first full year being totally absent in my nursing career. I had so many worries and doubts about leaving a job I dreamed of and worked so hard for. Sometimes I think I’ve finally figured out God’s plan for me, and then he throws me a curveball. One of the hardest life lessons I’ve ever learned is to stop leading and instead, allow myself to be led. Without even thinking about it, I just grab Jesus’ hand and say “Here, you follow me.”

That’s never worked out well for me in the end.

I catch myself doing that at times- thinking that I know better than him. But it’s always when I decide to slow down, take a step back and put my hand in his that I begin to realize that I don’t always know what’s best for my life. And strangely enough, I feel more content, more happiness and more peaceful when I trust him and allow him to lead me down this crazy road of life.

Taking a break from my nursing career was one of the hardest and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever been called to make. I love being home with my babies (most of the time) and even though some days are so incredibly challenging and every bit of my patience is tested, I wouldn’t change anything. Those little nuggets will always be my “biggest build” and the most amazing thing I’ve ever created.

Well….the rocking horse is the most amazing thing I’ve created, but the kids are a close second!

Kidding!   ….Sort of

I’m excited to see what 2018 brings for Jamie Jo Furnishings! But good or bad, I’m just going to roll with it. It’s so easy to pile on the pressure when you’re a small business owner. It’s even more easier to feel like your constantly falling short.

Going forward into 2018, I hope I can find peace and contentment in the imperfections of home and business. Instead of leading, I’ll be led. After all, in my experience it always seems to work out better that way. You do you, Jesus! Work your magic in my life.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you so much for following along! Many blessings to you and your family!





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