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July 13 2013. I wish I could say I remember the day like it was yesterday but I honestly don’t. Like everyone tells you, the day came and went so fast and now it’s a total blur. So thankful I hired an amazing photographer to capture every moment of that special day! So in honor of our 3 year anniversary, I thought I would do a blog post and reminess on one of the best days of my entire life. 


Pinterest had launched right around the time I got engaged and everyone (especially brides) was flocking to it like a moth to a flame. Just like every other woman on this planet, I had my own little wedding board that I pinned to constantly! I loved soft neutral colors, lace and pearls so that quickly became the theme of the wedding. I asked my 11 (yes, 11!) bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses because I loved the idea of everyone looking a little different and I wanted them to be comfortable and shop within their own style and budget.

bridesmaid dresses

Everyone looked amazing! 

brooch bouquet

I kept seeing these brooch bouquets pop up all over Pinterest. My mother had this huge bag full of jewelry from my grandmother and I knew I had to make a brooch bouquet for my wedding. Something that wouldn’t wilt and die. A piece of my wedding that I could keep forever, display on my mantel and pass down to my children one day. I got on Etsy and shopped around. For the size I wanted, it looked like I would have to spend between $800-$1,000! NOPE. Not in the budget-move on to plan B- do it yourself! I searched YouTube and found DIY videos to show me exactly how to create such a masterpiece. I didn’t have nearly enough jewelry from my grandmother for a bouquet of this size so I found a website that sells thousands of brooches in all different shapes, colors and sizes for wholesale price! If you’re wanting to tackle this DIY project, check out this link for the best prices on brooches. I think I used about 125 brooches/earrings/etc to make this bouquet. It wasn’t long into the process when I immediately understood why these bouquets were so dang expensive. It’s a LOT of work. I was only a few hours in before I was ready to stab myself in the eye with floral wire. I don’t regret it though! This bouquet sits in a glass vase on my entry way table and I still love it as much today as I did back then. You might have seen it in several of my furniture pictures because I stage the heck out of this thing! I spent 5 months and endured a lot of pain to create this bouquet so I darn well am going to use it when I can! 🙂

wedding rings

My wedding ring. I love my wedding ring. I’ve always been drawn to pearls! Diamonds are not my best friend, but pearls, pearls are my favorite gem. I came across a picture on Pinterest of an antique pearl ring and I fell in love. I printed the picture and visited some jewelry stores in town. Most jewelry stores in Walla Walla gave me a weird look when I showed them the picture and told them what I wanted.

“You want…..a pearl? why?…..”

“Umm…..why not!?”

I walked into Falkenburg’s Jewelers expecting the same reaction and much to my surprise they were incredibly supportive and even enthusiastic about the idea! They custom made the ring and it turned out perfect. 3 years later and the pearl hasn’t lost a bit of it’s luster (I do take very good care of it). I chose to have my wedding band separate because I knew that there would be times when I wouldn’t want to wear my wedding ring (like when painting furniture or working in a hospital) and still wanted something to wear on my finger. I wear my wedding band daily and my wedding ring on special occasions. Pearls are very soft and they lose their shine so I only wear it when I know for sure I won’t be getting dirty or doing something that could damage it.


Growing up I remember our church bringing in this big rustic cross made out of beams from our Pastor’s barn every year on Easter. The Sunday school children would come into the Sanctuary and decorate the cross with flowers. It was so beautiful. I wanted to be married outside but I wanted to bring the church with me so I got special permission to use this cross as the focal point at our ceremony. Not only was the cross special to me because of what the cross itself stands for but it was also special to me because it represented one of the most important and influential people in my life, our Pastor, Robin Peterson who passed away the year before we got married. I always imagined Robin would be the one to officiate my wedding someday. The fact that this cross came from his barn where I spent time as a child with my youth group, which sat on the same property of the river he baptized me in, meant the world to me. Some of my favorite pictures are with this cross. Robin wasn’t able to marry us that day but he was there. He was there in those old beams from his old barn, watching over us as we said our vows.


Which brings me to another important and influential man in my life, my dad. It was the best walk I ever took with him and I’ll admit that when we arrived at the altar, I held on tight and buried my face into his shoulder, part of me not ready for him to let me go. I’m the youngest of three girls, the last to get married. The last one he will walk down the aisle. 

wedding ideas

After Kyle and I were pronounced husband and wife, I was more than happy to jump back into my Daddy’s arms for a dance. We danced to “Butterfly Kisses” and that was the perfect song. There’s such a special connection between a father and  a daughter. My dad showed my sisters and I what true and unconditional love looked like in a marriage by the way he always treated our mother. My parents and their 30+ year marriage has been and continues to be one of the greatest influences in my life and I’m so grateful that God chose me to be their daughter.


Our wedding cake/cupcakes! Kyle and I both were never huge fans of cake but we love cheesecake! We had these cheesecake cupcakes made with Klicker Strawberry filling on top and they were amazing!

wedding themes

I can’t finish this post without a picture of my BIG and BEAUTIFUL wedding party! There’s a couple that didn’t quite fit into the frame of this picture but total, we had 11 bridesmaids, 11 groomsmen, 4 flower girls and 1 ring bearer! I loved witnessing people’s facial expressions when we told them exactly how huge our wedding party was! Every one of those people meant the world to Kyle and I and we wanted each and every one of them standing beside us on our wedding day. You just can’t put a limit on great friends and even better family in my opinion, so we had them all! 

wedding inspirations

So Happy Anniversary to this special guy! My love for you is “deeper than the holler, stronger than the river, higher than the pine tree growing tall upon the hill…..” 

My vow’s still ring true today as they did 3 years ago….I love you


The last 4 years have been the most amazing and unforgettable 4 years of my life. Time and time again you have shown me that you are everything I want, and everything I need in a husband and in the father of my children. You have changed my life in more ways than you will ever know.

Today I promise you this: I promise to be the wife and mother whom God has intended for me to be. In times of stress and sorrow, I vow to be your rock and your foundation. I pledge to you my everlasting love and support. I promise to respect you and be faithful to you. I know it’s not always going to be easy but no matter the challenge nor the obstacle, I will be devoted to this marriage and committed to being your wife. I promise to keep God as the third strand in our marriage so that we will have the strength to concur the stresses of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow. I will pray for you every night and praise God for you every day.

You are my dream come true and the answer to my prayers. You are my whole world and on this day, I give to you my whole life”




wedding themes

wedding ideas

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Special thanks to our incredibly talented photographer, Melissa McFadden! Check out her website by clicking here.

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